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Late Shang Dynasty Culture

Yin ruins is the capital city's ruins of late Shang Dynasty, which controlled China from 1300 B.C. to 1046 B.C.. Yin ruins is the key cultural relics unit under the government's protection. It's an important part of human's cultural and historical heritages.

The late Shang Dynasty, which made yin ruins as its capital, starts a new era of China's history. It has a sparse domain and well-developed economy, politicis, military, technology and culture. All these make late Shang Dynasty become one of the splendid dynasties, which contribute to China's civilization. Yin ruins enjoys a high reputation because of its unique styled and large-domained palace construction and its grandest mausoleums. The delicate processed and popular used bronze vessels with fine lines and beautiful decorations are well known at home and broad.

Its developed handicrafts industry, such as casting bronze vessels, jade making, carriage making, pottery making, bone processing and primitive pottery's firing has enjoyed world's praise. It ranks the top among world's civilizations because of oracle, which has matured making character methods, abundant expressions and orderly processing. The Yin ruins abundant cultural relics have shown from each aspect that well developed bronze civilization has made the brilliant contributions to the development of human's society.

From 100 years' excavations and archeological researches on Yin ruins, Yin ruins is not only the cradle of modern and contemporary time's archeology but also offering the unique, historical and scientific evidence for Shang Dynasty's civilization which has elapsed for 3,300 years.

Yin ruins as China's first dynasty with written historic record and proved by oracle and archeological excavations should be paid much more attention and well preserved by the world. Its significant value in history, science, art and culture is well known and has profound influences.

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