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Profound Taoism Culture

Laozi, the great thinker, statesman, philosopher and writer of the late Spring and Autumn Period, is the founding father of Taoism as well as the torchbearer of various schools of learning in the Pre-Qing Period. The Tao Te Ching, his magnum opus, is a treasure in world literature. Since it came out, a research craze swept the country among the emperors and officials as well as the ordinary people. Partly estimated, there have been over 1,800 versions of the book. The impact was felt overseas in the 7th century with a Sanskrit version. In the 18th century, it was spread to Europe, America and later around the world. Hegal, a German philosopher, pointed out that “another peculiar school of Chinese philosophy”, is characterized by mental speculation. Tao, the main concept of its theory refers to rationality. Laozi is the man who fully promoted and developed this philosophy and the way of living related to this theory. Nietzsche pointed out that the book is like an exhaustless well full of treasures. Lower the bucket and you'll get the water. Ronald Reagan, the former president of the U.S, quoted in the Address to the State of the Union, a maxim by Laozi to illustrate his policies, which goes, governing a great state is like cooking a small fish that one can not always stir it. Taoism involves every aspect of Heaven, Earth and Mankind. Its original thoughts shine in all fields of politics, economy, military affairs, art, ethics and health.

Taoism study has become an international cultural phenomenon. There are more than 40 countries engaged in the study of the Tao Te Ching and the translation versions have reached 600 plus, among which 330 are in Japanese. The book was written in Hanguguan Pass and therefore it has become the birthplace of Taoism Culture.

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